Asterisk Live Call Monitor

[LCMLIC] Asterisk Live Call Monitor

- Easy to setup & use
- User friendly graphical interface
- Quick overview of system from dashboard
- Live call monitoring with search option
- Ability to display Live conferences and manage
- Can monitor answered, ringing and total calls
- Ability to hangup all calls in single click
- Reload and Restart Asterisk service in a click
- Hangup or listen live calls from list
- Display SIP registrations
- Ability to execute Asterisk CLI commands
- Real-time live call graph display
- Smooth in design and best in performance
- Full control on Asterisk calls and services
- Supporting all latest Asterisk versions*
- Asterisk status monitoring
- Secure, reliable & fast
- Configurable manager settings
- Compatible with all popular browsers
- System information monitoring
- Mobile browser compatible
- Compatible on all major Linux distributions
- Multi-language Support

  • Key Features

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