ASTPP & WHMCS Addon Integration

WHMCS addon Installation and Configurations

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1. Login in ASTPP server

Please login in ASTPP server and extract ASTPP WHMCS addons files which you have download

#tar -xzvf astpp_whmcs.tar.gz

Here <webroot> =/var/www/html/ (As per server configuration)

#cd astpp/cron/
#mv /var/www/html/astpp/cron/cron.php /var/www/html/astpp/cron/cron_backup.php
#cp -Rf cron.php /var/www/html/astpp/cron/

#cd ../applications/config
sed -i '25i "ProcessWhmcscharges" =>"ProcessWhmcscharges/ProcessWhmcsCharges",'/var/www/html/astpp/application/config/cron.php

#cd ../controller
#mv /var/www/html/astpp/applications/controller/ProcessInvoice.php /var/www/html/astpp/applications/controller/ProcessInvoice_backup.php
#mv /var/www/html/astpp/applications/controller/ProcessCharges.php /var/www/html/astpp/applications/controller/ProcessCharges_backup.php
#cp -Rf *.php /var/www/html/astpp/applications/controller/

#cd ../libraries/astpp
#mv /var/www/html/astpp/applications/libraries/astpp/common.php /var/www/html/astpp/applications/libraries/astpp/common_backup.php
#cp -Rf common.php /var/www/html/astpp/applications/libraries/astpp/common.php

#cd ../../moduels/
#cp -Rf whmcs /var/www/html/astpp/applications/modules/

Run below query in mysql
#cd ../../
#mysql -uroot -p astpp < new.sql

2.Now login in ASTPP portal as admin user
Go to ASTPP --> Configuration --> Setting --> Global
Set WHMCS infromation like : WHMCS URL , WHMCS User Name & WHMCS password

3.Login in WHMCS server
Please login in ASTPP server and extract WHMCS addons files in /usr/src/ directory which you have download
#cd /usr/src/
#tar -xzvf whmcs_addon.tar.gz
#cd whmcs/

Here <webroot> =/var/www/html/ (As per server configuration)

#cp -Rf licence_key.txt /var/www/html/whmcs/

Copy hooks(path:/whmcs/include/hooks/) folder and move <webroot>/include/ OR <webroot>/whmcs/include/ If folder already there then copy all files from hooks(path:/whmcs/include/hooks/) and move to <webroot>/include/hooks/ OR <webroot>/whmcs/include/hooks/

#cd /usr/src/whmcs/includes/hooks/
#cp -rf *.php /var/www/html/whmcs/includes/hooks/

Copy overrides(path:/whmcs/lang/) folder and move <webroot>/lan/ OR <webroot>/lang/ If folder already there then copy all files in overrides(path:/whmcs/lang/overrides/) directory and move <webroot>/lang/overrides/ OR <webroot>/lang/overrides/

check overrides avilable or not if not replace overrides folder ,if folder exist replace below file in folder
#cd /usr/src/whmcs/lang/
#cp -rf overrides /var/www/html/whmcs/lang/

#cd /usr/src/whmcs/lang/overrides/
#cp -Rf *.php /var/www/html/whmcs/lang/overrides/

Copy ASTPP from (path:/whmcs/modules/servers/) move <webroot>/modules/servers/ OR <webroot>/whmcs/modules/servers/
#cd /usr/src/whmcs/moduls/servers/
#cp -rf * /var/www/html/whmcs/modules/servers/

#cd /usr/src/whmcs
#cp *.php /var/www/html/whmcs/

Change your login_user_name (add whmcs admin portal username)
Copy all file which is having extension like (.tpl) from (path:/whmcs/template/six/) directory and move in <webroot>/template/six/ OR <webroot>/whmcs/template/six/

#cd /usr/src/whmcs/template/six/
#cp *.tpl /var/www/html/whmcs/templates/six

4.Now login in WHMCS portal as root user

Go to Setup -->Product/services -->Servers
Click on Add New Server
Set Name: ASTPP
Hostname:Add your ASTPP Host url with port(ex:192.xx.x.xx:8081)
IP Address:Add your ASTPP server IP Address (ex:192.xx.x.xx)

In Server Details section
Type select ASTPP
Click on Save changes.

Go to Setup --> General Settings --> Security
API IP Access Restriction --> API IP Access Restriction
Add your ASTPP server ip
Click on Save changes.

Go to Setup --> Product/services --> Product/services
Click on Create New Product
Under product add AstppAccount module for create a account in ASTPP side
Under product add AstppRecharge module for recharge ASTPP side.



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